🌵 What is a freshie?

Freshies are made from plastic beads and candle oils. They are colored and then baked into shapes. Once baked, they are decorated and bagged. They are made to hang on your rear view mirror in your car, but some people use them in lockers, small rooms, or even as Christmas ornaments! 🌵

How long do freshies last?

Freshies last anywhere from 3-6 weeks depending on a few things. The scent is heat released, meaning during the summer time, the scent is constantly being released and the freshie lasts closer to 3 weeks. In the winter time, the scent is released by the heat in your car! While the scent isn’t consistently as strong, it lasts a lot longer…closer to 6 weeks. We recommend using vent clips alongside your freshie during the cooler months if you want a stronger scent.

You can become nose blind to the scent. We recommend changing up the scent you are using and placing the old freshie back in the bag it came in. Sometimes you get used to a certain scent and while it is still there, you can no longer smell it. 👃

What do I do with my freshie after the scent is gone?🤔

There is no way to scent the freshie again once it is baked. The beads that are used can only absorb so much oil and once they are fully absorbed, no new scent can be added. If you can no longer smell your freshie after bagging it up and reintroducing it, it’s likely time for a new one! I recommend saving them to use as Christmas ornaments but they are also cute to hang in your car, even without scent.

Sensitive to scents but want a freshie anyways? 

We can make a freshie unscented. It can still be colored and baked into a cute shape without a scent. 💓 For an unscented freshie, choose a random scent and add “please make my freshies unscented!” to your order notes!

What scent options are there? 🧐

Currently, we have 12 different scents to choose from. There is also a page for our scent descriptions. We are hoping to periodically add new scents and would love to hear suggestions on what you would like to see added! Join our Facebook group “Pookie and Co. Car Freshies” to let us know what scents you’d like to see added.

What is your turnaround time? 👀

This can change at any given moment, but we try to have orders finished and shipped within 7-10 business days. That being said, I am one person and when orders are flying in left and right, sometimes it takes some time to get things back to our usual TAT.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us!